A multidisciplinary allied health clinic

Our Experienced dietitians are available for one on one consult, so that we can focus on you!
At PhysioIntegrated we understand that everyone’s lifestyle and nutrition is unique and we aim to provide you with a personalised practical advice and professional support you need to achieve your goals.



We pride ourselves in providing services that is backed up by latest research based evidence, we also have the expertise to provide services in the following areas:

  Diabetes type I and II and its related disorders

  Low carbohydrate diet

  Appetite and cravings

  Metabolic diseases

  Chronic diseases management

  Diet and Nutrition management following oncology treatment

  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  Healthy aging

  High cholesterol

  Heart Disease

Get expert advice to manage a medical condition or navigate the complex field of sports nutrition with our dietitians or achieve the balance in your lifestyle to keep you going so that you can achieve your goals

Simply call us on +61-882328900 or email us on contact@physiointegrated.com  to book an appointment and we shall do the rest!