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Acupuncture is one of the oldest form of health care system in the world. It is an effective, natural and a popular form of treatment widely used in conjunction with other treatment techniques.


Dry needling involves the art of inserting a needle in the trigger point or myofascial tissue to relax the overactive muscle.

A trigger point is a tender spot in the tight muscle which causes pain when squeezed.

When the nervous system is stimulated by dry needling, it improves blood flow to the site and brings nutrition to the site, releases endorphins and enkephalins and relaxes the contracted muscle.


Dry needling is:

  • An effective way relaxing the tight muscles without causing significant tissue damage.
  • Now an important part of soft tissue management in day to day life ailments as well as sporting injuries.

Our physios have extensive experience and have utilized dry needling for many musculoskeletal disorders , during post operative rehabilitation and  recovering from sporting injuries.

We utilize the techniques that are safe and effective which allows our clients to achieve goals in a timely manner.

Physiointegrated is one of the leading sports and musculoskeletal clinic combining the manual physiotherapy treatments effectively with dry needling methods to achieve optimal and timely outcomes.

Our approach to dry needling is based on latest evidence and clinical research which helps us to treat back and neck pain, knee/ankle pain/headaches / healinfg from sporting injuries/ chronic pain/joints and muscular pain/post operative rehabilitation/ shoulder/elbow pain.

Over the years there has been growing evidence regarding the effectiveness of dry needling in case of cervicogenic headaches/ shoulder and elbow pains/ back and neck pains/ relief from muscular tightness and tension.

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